010 - Parenting with College in Mind

November 30, 2016

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss thinking with college in mind and asking the question “who is the ultimate authority?"


009 - Parents are the Primary Coaches

October 27, 2015

The conclusion of Braxton's series on the "Three Primary Roles of Parents." This week, Parents are the primary coaches.

Good coaches do three things:
  • Prepare
  • Model
  • Adjust

008 - Parents are the Primary Counselors

October 20, 2015

Episode 2 in our "The Three Primary Roles of Parents" series. The 2nd primary role is for parents to be the primary counselors in their children's lives.

When sinners are parenting other sinners, that produces conflict. How do we know to be the counselor in those conflicts? We need to model a biblical model of conflict resolution. Does how we handle conflict with our spouse, with co-workers, and with close friends model the love of Jesus Christ?

007 - Parents are the Primary Teachers

October 13, 2015

Last week, Braxton launched a new series on "The Three Primary Roles of a Parent." In this episode, he explores the first role: "Parents are the Primary Teachers."

While youth leaders, Christian school teachers, and Sunday School leaders are an important part of your child's life, we rely far too much on them to teach godly values.

006 - The Three Primary Roles of a Parent

September 29, 2015

In today’s episode of the podcast, Braxton gives an introduction to the series “The Three Primary Roles of a Parent” and discusses how our children suffer from a case of mistaken identity.


005 - Be the Chief Memory Maker

September 22, 2015

In today's episode of the podcast, Braxton discusses how parents should be the chief memory makers in their house and gives some practical ways that should happen.


004 - Making Disciples at Home

September 15, 2015

In this episode of the Building Boys, Making Men podcast, I talk about what it means to be committed to discipleship. Don't let others take the lead role in developing disciples of Jesus Christ. Make discipleship a priority in your home.


003 - Building Boys into Champions of Service

September 1, 2015

In today's episode, I discuss how to raise boys who are champions of service in a world that often focuses only on the needs of self.


002 - Intentional Conversations

August 25, 2015

In this episode, host Braxton Brady shares his strategy of intentional conversations. Don't miss out on opportunities to interpret and speak truth into the messages from media. Also, set a rule: no one-word answers!


001 - Casting Vision

August 14, 2015

Host Braxton Brady talks about casting a vision of godly manhood and womanhood for our kids. What does it mean to cast a vision for your kids?